Crabtown Curbs

Chef John Talman is always in the foodtruck!



Chef John Talman is always in the foodtruck. He and his crew look forward to assisting you with whatever you don't want to do and make your life easier.

Let us bring our kitchen to you!


  1. Pool and beach parties. 
  2. Office or corporate parties
  3. Tailgating parties
  4. Block parties
  5. After wedding parties
  6. High School or Graduation events
  7. Birthday parties
  8. Sports tournaments
  9. Community functions
  10. Housewarming parties
  11. Anniversary parties
  12. Holiday parties
  13. Festivals
  14. County or State fairs
  15. Bridal shower party
  16. Concert series
  17. Backyard party
  18. Weddings

What we offer includes these fun features:


  • 42" color TV
  • Wifi streaming for TV
  • Excellent stereo system
  • Display images on the TV 
  • Stream music (Pandora etc.)

We guarantee GREAT price for any catering event