Crabtown Curbs

Behind All The Hard Work


So proud to say that I've been serving everyone from my food truck for over five years now. I've learned so much with your help and advice.

Now the city of Annapolis allows us to park in and around areas such as Eastport, residential,near private businesses that had been zoned for restaurants. I am happily to do lunches at office parks outside and in the city.  

I'm born and raised  here in Annapolis  Maryland,and  have lived around the bay all my life it has inspired me to do different creations from the area. 
I always try to buy local to support the local businesses. 

I am fortunate to have more than 35 years experience in hospitality industry, including working at Middleton's Tavern,The Chart House,and Main Ingredient, which has sharpened my skills and my passion in running my business. 

My cooking style is down home  Annapoliton comfort food.

 I love creating dishes with fresh ingredients and balance them right to make my  dishes perfect. My commitment to you is to serve you with daily fresh food with awesome flavor. I've always  had great pleasure having people enjoy my food.  

Give me a call (443-699-6627) and let me assist you with any private party or event you are planning.

We are always looking for New Places and Businesses to serve at.

Please call me and leave a message for me to call you back and get you on our scheduling books.


Stop by the Truck and say Hello...

Chef John J. Talman IV